The 8 Simple Steps To Permanent Weight Loss


How frustrating is it to see a health expert promote a certain weight loss routine and five minutes later hear another give almost the exact opposite advice? It's even more confusing when you see the beautiful before an after pictures that show amazing results.

The truth is there are basic health principles every successful weight loss program includes. "After 17 years in private practice and personally helping over 25,000 people, we've uncovered some simple truths on what works and what doesn't when it comes to losing weight and reversing disease."

My team and I dissected over 300 weight loss programs and even went a step further by testing it out on my patients over the last ten years.

What we found was amazing!

We extracted the basic 8 principles that all successful weight loss programs shared and put them into this course.

With the power of the internet and Udemy we are able to get this information to you at a fraction of the cost of a typical in office consultation. My intention is to get this information to the masses, help you initiate the changes you want to see in yourself and motivate you to share it with others.

Take this course to learn how to predictably get back to your healthiest weight, restore your normal hormone pathways and un-complicate the entire process of good nutrition!

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