Programming foundation with C++ [Urdu/Hindi]


This course is taught in Urdu/Hindi

Introduces the fundamental concepts of structured programming and provides a comprehensive introduction to programming for computer science and technology majors.

This course introduces students to C++ programming language, a dominant language in the industry today. Students will be taught the fundamentals of programming. These concepts are applicable to programming in any language. Topics covered include basic principles of programming using C++, algorithmic and procedural problem solving, program design and development. Will also cover basics of classes and structure after getting deep understanding of structured programming.

  This course introduces the C++ programming language features in the beginning of the sections. Topics covered include

  • Data types

  • Control structures

  • Standard input/output

  • File input/output

  • String library

  • Problem-solving

  • Functions

  • Arrays

Then will move to advance topics which are specific to C++ programming language. These topics includes: 

  • Dynamic memory

  • Pointers.

  • Overloading Insertion and Extraction Operators

  • User Defined Manipulators

  • Copy Constructor & Assignment Operator

  • Template Functions

  • Template Classes

    After learning above all topics now student will able to develop a small system. At the end will develop a complete system using File Processing approach. this system is a merchandise system where some customers can buy some products of different categories via an order. in this project system will maintain basic level of inventory which will check the inventory level before customer order

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