Graphic Design Fundamentals


This course is for people who wants to learn adobe illustrator in a fast and simple manner. I will explain all the important tools and techniques that anyone needs to know to master this software in simple and fun lessons. I tried to provide all the means that allow the students to receive the information in an easy and smooth way by creating some designs so that the student can learn and apply in the same time.

This class is for anyone who wish to learn and work with the adobe illustrator software and those who want to be Graphic designers and Motion Graphic designers.

Adobe Illustrator is a software primarily used for creating vector graphics. It was developed as a companion to Adobe Photoshop and works seamlessly with other Adobe Inc Creative Cloud apps such as InDesign and Premier Pro.

Adobe Illustrator makes it easy to incorporate typography into an image and because the software is vector-based, it scales so that text can look crisp and focused on both a phone screen and a billboard. The easy manipulation of graphics and fonts makes this app ideal for business marketing, particularly in the creation of logos, advertisements and website design.

Logos and advertisements are a large part of a business’s brand identity, with companies such as Nike, McDonalds, Starbucks and Apple being recognized immediately by the image that reflects their company. The use of a logo on products sells, as it is selling the brand itself. For example, a Chanel belt is recognizable by the belt buckle, which is the logo itself.

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