Healing Insulin Resistance for Weight-loss


Do you tend to store fat around your middle? Do you have a load of belly fat that you can't seem to shift? If you store fat around the middle of the body, chances are you are insulin resistant to some degree; in other words, your body has become less sensitive to the work of the hormone called insulin. There are many reasons why this happens but if it's left unaddressed, this condition is the fast-track to diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancers, and Alzheimer’s Disease, and more.

This course is about giving you everything you need to reverse your insulin resistance, shift that stubborn belly fat, and do a U-turn on the path towards severe ill-health.

It is my aim that with the information, techniques, resources and exercises in this course, you will have the tools you need to change your life, even save your life, because by the time you've done this course, you will have a new understanding and appreciation of our good friend Insulin. You'll understand the important job he's trying to do for you, and you'll understand how this gets messed up. You'll also understand how to reverse any damage already done and get your system humming nicely again so that your body is once again sensitive to Insulin's work.

We are going to be addressing insulin resistance from every angle, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A holistic approach in other words, anything less than a holistic approach will never bring about the profound transformation back to health and vitality that you desire and that you deserve.

I'm going to give you very specific advice on things like an Ayurvedic herb that is known as the 'sugar destroyer' for its remarkable ability to not only reduce the sugar in your bloodstream but also to repair damage already done to your pancreas. Anyone with type 2 diabetes needs to know about this herb! As well as which amino acid will literally kill your cravings for sugar

So why not come on this journey with me? Use the information that works for you, while leaving aside anything that doesn't feel right for you. Ultimately, you are unique and it's time to take back your power and your responsibility for your own well-being, health and happiness.

The downloadable resources in this course include:

  1. A week's eating plan

  2. A cookbook of recipes for meals in the eating plan

  3. How to Live a Sweeter Life workbook

  4. The men who made us fat ebooklet

  5. 'How do I know if I'm Insulin Resistant?' checklist

  6. Shopping list suggestions

  7. eBook: A Beginner's Guide to EFT Tapping

  8. The wheel of life 24 hour clock based on Ancient Chinese medicine

  9. 12 step quit sugar plan

  10. 12 steps to weight-loss strategy

  11. 16 body positive affirmation stickers

  12. Nourishing meals planner

  13. Insulin resistance dowsing chart

The video lectures in this course are as follows:

  • Welcome

  • 4 Quick Wins

  • How Insulin makes you fat... and sick

  • How we get insulin resistant

  • How stress makes you insulin resistant

  • How a high fat diet causes insulin resistance

  • How can I tell if I'm insulin resistant?'

  • You might as well face it you're addicted to sugar

  • EFT Tapping: 'I don't want to give up sugars!

  • Increase your non-food pleasures

  • Kill your sugar cravings

  • How artificial sweeteners make you fat

  • What problem is sugar solving for me?'

  • EFT Tapping: Clearing weight-loss resistance

  • Understanding stress and insulin resistance

  • How to live a low-stress life

  • EFT Tapping: What's eating you, really?

  • ESR for stress release

  • The REAL benefits of moving your body (not what you think)

  • Yoga for healing insulin resistance

  • The yoga class

  • Meditation: Progressive muscle relaxation

  • Spiritual language of the pancreas

  • Healing for the pancreas

  • EFT Tapping: Feeling safe in a smaller body

  • EFT Tapping: Shifting a subconscious fear of famine

  • What and how to eat to reverse insulin resistance

  • What to eat - The Plan

  • Fish oil substitute for vegans and vegetarians

  • Why and how to bless food

  • When, how much and how often to eat

  • EFT Tapping: 'I am enough - silencing my inner critic'

  • Summary

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