Social Media Graphics using PowerPoint Design | Hands On


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Do you want to design a lot of engaging and clickable graphic content for your social media pages and wonder how you can do it quickly and effectively?

Do you fear using the traditional and complicated design software which come often bundled with a steep learning curve?

Are you looking for an easy solution to all of your social media designing needs and want to get started with creating graphics content right away?

Hello and welcome to this course named, “Social Media Graphics using PowerPoint Design | Hands On.” In this mini-course, I will show you exactly how you can design visually engaging, highly captivating, clickable and super impressive Social Media content using PowerPoint Design, in absolutely no time. Seeing is learning. The PowerPoint design that I am going to create live in front of you will teach you how to do it yourself.

✓✓ Why should you use PowerPoint as your preferred social media graphic designing tool?

I love designing in PowerPoint because of two main reasons. Firstly, it is readily available as it comes with Microsoft Office Suite which most of us have it already installed in our computers anyway. Secondly, it is effortless to master PowerPoint design as the learning curve is not much.

Anyone who has been using PowerPoint can start designing social media graphics content using the application with a little bit of training and practice. This mini-course will show you how exactly you can create various social media content using PowerPoint design.

Now, you must have a basic knowledge of using the application and its various features, like using a shape or a text box or similar tools to take full advantage of this course. It is very common with someone who has been using PowerPoint for at least a few months.

If you are an absolute novice with PowerPoint and have not used it ever, then probably you would first want to take my other course named Graphic Design using PowerPoint | Beginner to Professional where I have explained everything in a very detailed manner. The present mini-course is an extension to that previous course where I teach some hands-on techniques with PowerPoint design. If you check the preview lectures, you will be able to understand exactly how I have explained the designs and what it will take to follow me.

Having said so, I have tried to use almost all the various aspects of designing, and I have used a plethora of features of PowerPoint which will help you to create engaging social media content. You will be a master by the end of this course. Let your imagination flow, and then only the sky will be your limit!

✓✓ What’s Inside?

This mini-course is almost wholly about practice with very less theory involved, where I have shown exactly how a PowerPoint design can be made. It is a hands-on course, and I will show you how I have designed various social media graphic content using PowerPoint.

You can find lectures which show you how to design Facebook cover images, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram cards, Twitter covers, and other social media contents, like your blog post image. I have also added a lecture on designing a business card which can be very handy if you are looking to print your designs.

This mini-course is more than 90% of hands-on explanation of various kinds of social media designs. I have tried to use different features of PowerPoint design in different graphics so that I can cover most of the aspects of designing that are possible on PowerPoint. I am sure you will be able to create exciting and engaging social media content on PowerPoint after taking this course.

✓✓ Hands-On Project List:

  • YouTube Thumbnails

  • Facebook Cover Images

  • Twitter Cover Image

  • Instagram Cards

  • Blog Post Images

  • Business Card Design

✓✓ Disclaimer:

Here, I think it is essential that I mention that while I love designing on PowerPoint, I cannot deny that traditional graphic design software is much more powerful and full of features, and can do a lot more than what PowerPoint can do. PowerPoint design has the advantage of being readily available and much easier to master with a relaxed learning curve.

PS: Please go through all the lectures even if you are interested in only specific social media graphic content examples as there may be new functionalities or features explained in other lectures, which you would not want to miss.

✓✓ 100% Money Back Policy ✓✓

Please feel free to go through the free preview lectures if you want to explore further. Once satisfied, enroll in the course but don’t worry too if you find this course not catering to your specific needs.

You can avail the 30 days refund policy with no questions asked.

Thanks again for being here. I can’t wait to see you inside the course.

Tanmoy Das (a.k.a. Tan)

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