Write a Bestselling Novel in 15 Steps (Writing Mastery)


Anyone can write a successful novel.

You just need to understand what makes a novel successful…  

Have you ever noticed that your favorite books and movies follow a similar pattern? Have you noticed that there’s something specific that happens about 25% of the way through the story that sends the story in a new direction? Or that huge plot twists tend to come right in the dead center of the story? Or that 75% of the way through there’s usually distinct “low point” or “rock bottom” where all seems lost for the main character?

If you have, then you’ve stumbled upon the secret storytelling code.

The secret storytelling code can be found in all great stories ever told. Movies, novels, novellas, plays, memoirs, short stories. Wherever there’s a narrative being told, the code is there, hidden beneath the surface.

This code (which inspired Blake Snyder’s famous Save the Cat! plotting method) is made up of 15 key story “beats,” or “plot points.”  The beats are markers along the path of the story that are used to track a character’s journey and ultimate transformation. And strung together, in the right order, these 15 beats make up a blueprint that anyone can follow to write a successful novel.

Since discovering these 15 key story beats and harnessing their immeasurable power, bestselling author and award-winning writing instructor, Jessica Brody has sold more than 17 novels to major publishers like Simon and Schuster, Random House, and Macmillan. Her novels have been translated and published in over 23 countries and two are even in development as major motions pictures. Also, Jessica is repeatedly hired by Disney Press to develop and write novels based on popular Disney properties like the Disney Princess and the Disney Descendants franchises.

Jessica Brody is a certified instructor of the Save the Cat! plotting method and, in the past five years, has taught thousands of novelists from around the world how to harness the power of the 15 key story.

Now, in this one-of-a-kind online master class on plot and story structure, Jessica Brody shares her profound knowledge on the topic of novel writing and expertly guides writers (new and seasoned alike!) through the elements of plot, story structure, and character transformation, and ultimately helps them discover the secrets to what makes a novel really resonate with readers.

"This course is a must for anyone trying to write an amazing story." - CHLOE, UDEMY STUDENT

"Absolutely brilliant. So insightful..." -

"I now can see the weaknesses in my novel plots." -

Throughout this course, Jessica will:

  • Guide you step by step through the 15 key story beats that are found in all great stories ever told

  • Show you how the 15 key story beats form a novel blueprint (or road map) that any writer (of any level) can follow to craft their own successful novel

  • Analyze several examples (from both books and movies) of the 15 key story beats in action so you can firmly grasp the function and purpose of each beat and see how other successful writers have tackled them

  • Guide you through the process of brainstorming, crafting, and developing the 15 beats to outline, write, or revise your own bestseller


And by the end of this course you will have a complete “novel road map” (or outline) for a novel that you could begin working on immediately.

Or if you’re already working on a novel and need help structuring it or revising it, by the end of this course, you will have a full revision plan ready to go.

Check out the free preview lectures for a look at what to expect from this course, how this course is structured, and a free overview of the 15 key story beats that will be explored at length in this course.

Enroll now to get started on plotting, writing, or revising your bestselling novel today!


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